Our Mission

Advancing Science Through Trust

Science is a necessary component to improve quality of life and societal growth. This progress has been slowed due to an ever-growing distrust between the scientific community and the public. Concord aims to reduce this divide by providing a trustworthy platform to conduct research and educate individuals through participation. This will result in greater public support and effective data collection.

The Platform

Concord will contain two portals, one for eligible research institutions and one for participants. We will securely store only the demographic information participants feel comfortable sharing. This information will be used to determine survey eligibility.

When submitting a survey, institutions will specify target demographics, number of participants, and compensation. During this process, institutions will describe the study’s purpose, implication, and estimated completion time. To meet IRB standards, institutions will also provide a debriefing section that is shown to users after survey completion. Users that fall into these selected demographics will be notified, allowing users to build an understanding and trust of the scientific process.

To protect participants, institutions are required to maintain a level of user satisfaction. Any time after survey completion, users can rate how they feel the institution managed their data. If an institution’s approval falls below 75%, a freeze will be placed on their account. To continue research, they are required to submit a request for reinstatement. Institutions must address the public’s concerns and outline methods of improvement. Participants can then vote on whether the institution has resolved the issues.

Concord app user survey page

Industry Support

“Smartphone survey data can help policy makers allocate resources in realtime to respond to disease outbreaks such as opioid addiction. Our work sheds light on the value of smartphones to address declining participation rates, rising survey costs and poor coverage across demographics.” - Ingrid Oakley-Girvan, Senior vice president of research and strategy at Medable Inc.
"Our findings show that mobile app data collection can fundamentally change survey research. Using mobile apps could create a shift in health surveys, which could eventually lead to faster and more accurate health policies and cures." - Yasamin Miller, Senior Research Affiliate with the Survey Center at the University of New Hampshire